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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Megan Burke Roudebush is the Founder and CEO of keepwith®.

Megan understands the importance of strategic networking, deliberately choosing one’s key advisors and building and maintaining strong and authentic, reciprocal relationships. Megan has appeared on television and well-followed podcasts, has written articles on networking topics for national publications, including Fast Company, Thrive, TLNT and Law360.com, and has been featured in global publications for her networking expertise. Megan’s core values include wellness, connection, gratitude, grit and hustle; she is the mother of an eight year-old daughter and a Peloton devotee (LB: keepwithmegan). A few little known facts about Megan: the origin of keepwith stems from her ten years as a kid reporter and editor growing up in NYC; in college she produced a documentary about the impact of cleft lip and palate surgery on patients in China for Operation Smile and in law school, she coached an ice hockey team of young people with special needs. She is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, received her BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Bryn Mawr College and is an alumna initiate of Alpha Omicron Pi. She received her JD from Albany Law School and her MBA from Union Graduate College.

For more on keepwith or to reach Megan, please contact Lauren Goalder at lauren@keepwith.com.

keepwith’s Advisory Board


Rissa Reddan is a strategic marketer with brand strategy and social media expertise that has resulted in sustainable revenue growth.

Devin Bokert

Devin Bokert works in sales and marketing at Zuckerman Investment Group where she is responsible for supporting the expansion of the firm’s business development and marketing efforts. She is passionate about brand strategy, content creation, and relationship building.


Alan Deitch is an energetic director of software engineering with 15+ years of experience in leadership, management, software administration, development, and support. He is passionate about creating visions that scale to meet the business’ needs.

Jamie Schneider

Jamie Schneider has 10+ years of experience in content strategy, product development and experience design in the health and wellness space. 

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